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Wood fillers are required for filling in small and medium size holes and imperfections and are available in various sizes, colours. They can be used under most types of wood finishes, including paint, lacquers, varnishes, wax polishes and french polishes and when set can be sanded, drilled, nailed, screwed and stained just like wood.

They are manufactured in one part or two part (resin and hardener for rapid curing) for interior and exterior use.

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Additional hardener - large tubes for use with Timberfil woodfillers
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Filltite Wood Repair/Hardener is a highly penetrative solution of selected resins in solvent which soaks deep into the fibres of decaying wood and dries to leave the wood hard and resistant to further moisture penetration.
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A stainable, one part ready to use stopper and woodfiller for small holes and grain filling.
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Liberon Wax Filler Sticks for repairing finished furniture, fills cracks, splits and small to medium sizes holes and cracks with out having to strip the finish or any sanding. Available in 16 popular wood colour shades.  **PLEASE NOTE LIBERON HAVE DISCONTINUED VARIOUS COLOURS**
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The grain of a tree is a unique fingerprint of nature: The even and beautiful surfaces of Osmo Wood Filler preserve this individual character
ColourAntique Oak
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Jenkins Grain Filler is a traditional thixotropic grain filler. Favoured by furniture restorers for ease of use and colour shades available. Available in 11 wood shades & transparent, Pack size: :500g and Certain colours in - 3Kg
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Blanchon Resin Filler, a solvent based wood filler resin to be mixed with saw dust to form a wood filler for sealing joints and splits up to 2mm and small cracks and holes up to 3mm in glued down wooden floors or wood panelling. Quick drying with oustanding adhesion to most wood species, for use on bare and sanded wood only, provides excellent flexibility. Pack size: 1L, 5L & 10L PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE DATA SHEETS / SAFETY DATA SHEETS
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Metolux Timbermate is an air dried ready to use stopper and woodfiller for small holes, repairs, minor imperfections and grain filling. Based on a styrene acrylic emulsion Timbermate offers many benefits over other conventional stoppers. Water based, non flammable and solvent free. For internal or external use. Easy to sand to a smooth finish ready to accept primers, paints lacquers and varnishes. Pack size - 250 grams
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Metolux Two Part Wood Filler is the most popular wood filler in Britain, the No 1 choice by 90% of joinery manufacturers and associated industries, it is a high quality two part styrene free wood filler offering the user the benefits of a fast cure system. The new styrene free formulation represents a significant improvement on present wood filler performance including sanding painting and Stainability. Supplied with a hardener. Available - in 6 pre coloured blends to match your wood type = White, Pine, Light Oak, Dark Oak/Teak, Mahogany & Redwood. Easy application and exceptional performance. Stainable Super smooth Easy sanding once cured Timberfil can be machined, drilled, and accepts nails, screws and staples Timberfil can be finished with primer, paints varnishes and lacquers Suitable for internal and external use Supplied with hardener 275ml (Handy Pack) & 770ml (Workshop Pack)
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Ready to use, multi-purpose quick drying water-based wood filler for filling and repairing surface damage to wood. Available in 4 wood colours Pack size: 125ml
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