Stone Flooring

£11.17 (£13.40 inc VAT)

Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner is a general purpose water based concentrate cleaner for use on natural stone and terracotta flooring.

Pack size 1L and 5L

£11.17 (£13.40 inc VAT)

Liberon Stone Floor Sealer is an oil based (colour enhancing) sealer that feeds and seals porous stone to protect against water and staining. and enhancing the beautiful colours within the stone.

Pack size 1L and 5L

£11.17 (£13.40 inc VAT)

Liberon Stone Floor Shine, used where a more durable finish is required Stone Floor Shine leaves a protective coating and long lasting shine on sealed terracotta and stone flooring.

Pack size 1L and 5L

£11.17 (£13.40 inc VAT)

Liberon Stone Floor Wax provides a hard wearing and traditional classic satin finish on sealed stone, giving a beautiful soft lustre to the surface.

Pack size 1L and 5L

£11.17 (£13.40 inc VAT)

Liberon Natural Finish Stone Floor Sealer is water based non colouring floor sealer effective after just one coat on most porous surfaces.

A sealer that maintains the natural colour of the stone.

Pack size 1L and 5L

£20.97 (£25.16 inc VAT)

ultra tough crystal clear protection for interior floors

This is the hardest of all 'one pack' varnishes. An ultra hard, high quality coating with a satin or dead flat finish that dries to a crystal clear film with extremely good sanding properties allowing a very high quality of finish to be obtained. Formulatated for floors and areas of high wear.
When using dead flat finish, if a very high level of durability and stain resistance is required, apply one or two coats of Floor Varnish Satin Finish followed by one or two coats of Floor Varnish Dead Flat Finish.

ideal for
• wooden floors • cork tiles • stone • slate • brick • quarry tiles • wooden worktops

unique qualities
• dries fast cures fast highly heat and water resistant • ultra hard • clear as glass • good resistance to alcohol, stains and chemicals • resistant to heel marks • sands to a high-grade finish • easy to apply

• wash brushes in water

Stone floors give a feeling of elegance to any room, be it rustic, contemporary or historic. We want them to be beautiful as well as practical, so correct cleaning, sealing and finishing is essential. Our Liberon products in stock will help you to achieve all you need for your stone floor.