Wood Floor Lacquers and Varnishes


Floor lacquers and varnishes generally provide a harder wearing more durable finish. These products when applied remain on the surface providing a protective coating, with little colour change to the timber. Available in a satin, matt or gloss finish, easy to apply and maintain.

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  • A two-component water-based 100% polyurethane non yellowing lacquer.
  • For commercial floors requiring a clear Silk-Matt or Ultra Matt finish.
  • Also suitable for domestic use.
  • Fast drying easy and safe to use. Excellent de-foaming and flow properties.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Number of coats required: 2 - 3
  • High traffic, high durability and fast curing speed
  • Ready for use the next day, fully cured at 72 hours.
  • Use Friction Floor Lacquer as a third/last coat for a non slip finish.
  • Use SB Primer as a primer to produce an oiled look.

Great product, hard to beat.

Quantity discount offered on purchases of 4 or more tins. (call or email for info)

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  • Junckers WB Primer (Formerly PreLak) is a single-pack, fast drying water-borne primer for use with Junckers water-based floor finishes on all types of internal timber floors.
  • Use with Junckers MT500 Floor Lacquer and HT700 Floor Lacquer floor lacquers.
  • Prelak provides a stable surface for the application of the top coat and also prevents the timber joints from gluing together (side bonding) which prevents natural movement of the timbers and can lead to damage.
  • Apply to a clean dry and dust free surface, only one coat required.
  • For use on new and bare timbers
  • Available in 5L

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  • Single pack water based 100% polyurethane lacquer.
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • For light commercial/domestic use.
  • Can be used for all interior joinery.
  • Fast drying, low odour.
  • High durability.and non yellowing
  • Does not change the colour of the wood.
  • Available in a Matt (20%) Semi Gloss (50%) sheen levels.
  • Drying time : 4 hours.
  • Coverage: 10 sq meters per litre 2-3 coats.

Application - by brush, short pile roller or spray.

Pack size 5L

Quantity discount offered on purchases of 4 or more bottles.

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  • Please note this product is intended to be used as an anti-slip top coat for use with Junckers HT700
  • Please Read below

Junckers Friction floor lacquer is a 2 pack low odour, hard-wearing water-based polyurethane lacquer for pre treated wooden floors in areas where a high level of slip resistance is required. The product is tested to BS5796-2 and has a low potential for slip under wet conditions. The lacquer is not recommended for areas where ball-sports are practiced (eg. basketball, handball, volleyball and indoor football).

Junckers Friction floor lacquer is a 2 part water based lacquer for use on floors treated with Junckers HT700 Floor Lacquer 
  • For full Slip Resistancy report please see Attachments.

Available:- in a clear Ultra Matt finish.

Pack size: 5 litres.

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  • A solvent based quick drying primer for all untreated floors prior to application of all Junckers lacquers.
  • Ideally suited for exotic woods and where water based primers have poor adhesion.
  • Dries to a clear finish in 15 minutes.
  • On light coloured timbers will give a warm honey tone..
  • Application by brush or roller, one coat required.
  • Junckers SB Primer does not raise the grain so enables the applicator / fitter a quick turn around.
  • One coat of base prime followed by two coats of Junckers HT700 or two coats of Junckers MT500
  • Coverage:- 10 sq mtrs per litre
  • Available in 5 litre.
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Blanchon Intensiv™ is a very high-build 2-component polyurethane lacquer specifically designed for high-traffic areas. It is ideal for use in shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, schools, corridors, hallways. Its unique formulation has a quick curing time combined with exceptional resistance to spillage and wear and tear. It keeps the clear natural wood shade and it can be applied on most commonly used wood species and it awarded the European Cfl S1 for resistance against fire.

Pack size 5L
Sheen LevelSatin
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Dry in 45 minutes
Excellent adhesion
Very low odour
Easy application
Quick-drying primer, suitable for all types of use (with wooden floor lacquers or waxes)
Recommended for exotic and resinous woods

S.O. Primer is recommended for "fixing" Blanchon Waterborne Dye, Blanchon Wood Ageing Agent, before the application of a water-based lacquer.

PolyVine Heavy Duty Floor Varnish
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ultra tough crystal clear protection for interior floors

This is the hardest of all 'one pack' varnishes. An ultra hard, high quality coating with a satin or dead flat finish that dries to a crystal clear film with extremely good sanding properties allowing a very high quality of finish to be obtained. Formulatated for floors and areas of high wear.
When using dead flat finish, if a very high level of durability and stain resistance is required, apply one or two coats of Floor Varnish Satin Finish followed by one or two coats of Floor Varnish Dead Flat Finish.

ideal for
• wooden floors • cork tiles • stone • slate • brick • quarry tiles • wooden worktops

unique qualities
• dries fast cures fast highly heat and water resistant • ultra hard • clear as glass • good resistance to alcohol, stains and chemicals • resistant to heel marks • sands to a high-grade finish • easy to apply

• wash brushes in water

Coverage - 15 per litre

Sheen LevelDead Flat Finish
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  • Rustins plastic floor coating is a two pack cold-cure floor lacquer with excellent adhesion and durability.
  • Ideal for parquet and other wooden flooring
  • One of the toughest floor coating available today. highly durable and  resistant to impact, abrasion and solvents.
  • Enhances the natural colour of the wood and does not yellow or craze on ageing.
  • Quick drying 1-11/2 hours @ 15 Dec C but can be as quick as 30 mins in hot weather.
  • Can be walked on 2 hours after the final coat has been applied
  • Supplied in 1L and 5L kits (kit includes thinners, catalyst and lacquer)
  • Available in gloss and satin
Sheen LevelHigh Gloss Finish
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A Quick Guide to Liberon Natural Finish Floor Varnish

  • Superior, environmentally friendly natural finish floor varnish.
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Ideal for use on soft or hardwood flooring
  • Can also be used on all interior woodwork.
  • Available in clear satin and clear matt soft sheen finishes
  • Pack size 1L and 2.5L

Sheen LevelMatt Soft Sheen
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Liberon High Resistance Varnish provides exceptional protection for wood floors and a superior resistance to high foot traffic. It is particularly suited to rooms that are in consistent use

Available in clear satin and clear matt finish.

Pack size: 2.5L

Sheen LevelSatin
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Blanchon Initial® is a one component odourless water-based PU high-build lacquer for wooden floors. It does not change the wood colour. It is suitable for lounges, bed rooms, dining rooms and stairs. It can be used on most commonly used wood species.

It's technical performance and formulation meet the most stringent ecological criteria: it contains less than 2% VOC as per Directive 2004/42/CE, it complies with the European Ecolabel environmental requirements and it is both user - and environmentally-friendly.

Single component
High-build lacquer
Ideal for domestic applications
Does not change the wood colour
Very easy to apply

Coverage 10 sq mtr per litr

Available in a clear satin & clear matt finish

Pack size 5L

Sheen LevelClear Matt
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Blanchon Athen is a natural finish PU floor varnish for all wooden floors, can also be used on all interior joinery.

A ready-to-use single component water-based wood floor varnish Really easy to apply.

Quick drying & curing time means rapid return to use of the floor following completion. Does not change the wood colour.

High resistance to wear & tear, water & staining.

If using wood stains/Dyes use Blanchon S O Primer prior to the application of Athen.

Available in a clear satin and clear matt finish

Coverage: 8 to10 m2/litre, minimum 2 coats of hardwood, 3 coats on softwoods.

Pack size 5L.

Sheen LevelClear Matt
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Improves adhesion of lacquer

  • Especially suited for troublesome wooden floors
  • Quick-drying
  • Minimizes side-bonding
  • Solvent-based
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For commercial areas with medium traffic

  • Strong and resistant
  • Rich and full appearance
  • Low odour
  • Indoor climate labelled
Sheen LevelSilk-Gloss
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Excellent resistance and durability for public areas

  • Extreme strength and resistance
  • Meets the highest standards for slip resistance
  • Light Nordic look
  • Longer potlife due to Master Pure 2K Hardener 
  • Fire classification according to DIN EN 13501: Bfl-s1
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Extreme performance for public areas

  • Extreme strength and resistance
  • R10 Cerftified by adding WOCA Anti-Slip Additive
  • Full and rich appearance 
  • Indoor climate labelled
  • Fire classification according to DIN EN 13501: Bfl-s1
Sheen LevelSilk-Matt
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Rustin's clear quick-drying, non-yellowing, hard-wearing, low odour coating for wood and cork floors.

Sheen LevelClear Gloss
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Fiddes Barrier Seal provides a quick drying, surface barrier coat that is ideal for application onto oily, reclaimed or contaminated floor surfaces prior to application of Fiddes Hard Wax Oil or Fiddes Liquid Floor Wax.

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