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Wood Floor Oils

In stock
£23.75 (£28.50 inc VAT)

Sheen Level:

3032 Clear Satin 3062 Clear Matt 3065 Clear Semi-Matt 3011 Clear Glossy
Sheen Level3032 Clear Satin
In stock
£24.22 (£29.06 inc VAT)


3040 White 3044 Raw 3067 Light Grey 3071 Honey 3072 Amber (More +3)
Colour3040 White
In stock
£26.09 (£31.31 inc VAT)

Sheen Level:

3232 Clear Satin 3262 Clear Matt
Sheen Level3232 Clear Satin
In stock
£40.42 (£48.50 inc VAT)
In stock
£8.11 (£9.73 inc VAT)
In stock
£45.88 (£55.06 inc VAT)


3091 Silver 3092 Gold
Colour3091 Silver
In stock
Woca Diamond Oil
Save 29%
£73.49 £51.96 (£62.35 inc VAT)




Carbon Black Concrete Grey Smoke Brown
ColourCarbon Black Size2.5L
In stock
£10.80 (£12.96 inc VAT)
In stock
£9.23 (£11.08 inc VAT)
In stock
£23.97 (£28.76 inc VAT)

Floor oils generally provide a more natural finish, the oil soaks into the pores of the wood highlighting the natural colour of the wood. Depending on the species of timber the colour will change to give a richer warm look. Sheen levels available are generally flat matt, satin-matt to a satin finish.

Wood Floor Oils are easy to apply and maintain but requires the right maintenance products to keep in tip top condition. You must understand that to keep an oiled floor in tip top condition it must be maintained with the correct products. You may think (wrongly) that an ordinary detergent will do the job, such thinking is completely out of the question for oiled floors.

For further information on Hard Wax Oils and maintenance see our guide on Interior wood finishing