Aerosol Wood Lacquer Spray Clear 400ml

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A wood lacquer available in a handy to use aerosol can. Available from a matt to a full gloss finish sheen level, a fast drying hard wearing laquer, ideal for small projects or on site work..


Wood Lacquer in a Spray can! A pre-catalised clear lacquer in a handy to use 400ml aerosol can, offering the craftsman or DIY er the oppertunity to produce a professional spray finish (with out the need to invest in conventional spray equipment).

Easy to use, fast drying with excellent flow and sanding properties,

For all interior joinery and furnture with thousands of uses., For use on bare timber it is recommended to use a pre-catalysed basecoat/primer first (also available in a 400ml aerosol can and 5L) but can be used as a coat on coat system.

Available in sheen levels- matt 10%, Satin-Matt 30%, Satin 50% and Gloss 90%

Health & Safety Sheet (PC1_Clear_Aerosol.pdf, 91 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (_downloads_PC2_Pre-cat_Aerosol_CLEAR_-_Technical_Data.pdf, 241 Kb) [Download]

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