Liberon Gilt Cream, 30ml

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Liberian Gilt Cream is a simple to use gilt coloured cream for gilding new surfaces and for repairs to damaged gilding.

Available in 6 colours, Versailles, Chantilly, Compeigne, Rambouillet, St Germain & Trianon.

Pack size 30ml


Liberon Gilt Cream is a soft cream and is an easy to apply gilt finish for restoring old gilding work and for giving a gilt finish to new surfaces. It is a finish on its own which can be buffed to a soft sheen when dry.

To create a distressed finish to a newly gilded frame lightly rub the gilt with 0000 guage wire wool, this allows the fontenay base to show through giving the appearance of ageing. A dark shade of gilt cream in the corners and carved areas will also highlight the aged effect.

Available in 6 colour and can be inter-mixed to create unique colour combinations. Apply to a well prepared surface, porous surfaces require sealing with Liberon Fontenay base first. Ensure surface is dry and free from dust then apply several thin coats (as opposed to one thick coat) allowing a minimum of 5 hours between coats. Application by brush or cloth. for interior use only.

Pack size: 30ml

For further information and application methods, health and the environment see the technical data sheet in the attachment tab above.

Data Sheet (DS_Liberon_Gilt_Cream.pdf, 32 Kb) [Download]

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