Steel Wool

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High quality steel wool for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal finishes, available in a range of grades for stripping to fine finishing in a selection of pack sizes.

Pack size 225gm, 450gm & 5Kg


Produced from high quality steel to create crumble and dust resistant wool. Steel wool can be used on a range of materials including wood, metal, porcelain and glass. Available in a range of grades the choice depending on its use.

For polishing and delicate surfaces -0000 grade is the finest of all wire wools for applying wax polishes without scratching, cutting back intermediate coats of french polish and lacquers as well as polishing and cleaning metal, glass and porcelain

For light cleaning- 000, 00 & 0 grades are coarser than the super fine wool - range use from cleaning, stripping and polish removal on fine wood surfaces.
1, 2 & 3 grades are thicker wire wools used for heavy stripping and scouring of paint, varnishes and other surface coatings.
4 & 5 grades are for heavier stripping and cleaning work - stripping paint and varnish from wood, cleaning beams, panels and very dirty floors.

Pack size 225g, 450g and 5kg

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