Wood fillers, Wax sticks and repairing cracks & holes

22 Nov 2019
Adam Downey

From fences to skirting boards, many products in and around a property are constructed out of wood. Wood needs maintenance and care, otherwise it may become cracked and damaged over time. When cracks, holes or patches appear in the wood, the structure will be compromised and the risk of damage becomes greater. This is especially true for external items where wet and freezing conditions can combine to create larger cracks and holes in the wood, weakening the structure until the item fails and breaks. In order to treat these items, specialist wood fillers are often required for the task at hand, which is what we have in stock.

Wood fillers are generally utilised for small and medium sized holes, patches, cracks and various other imperfections afflicting an object. These products come in a number of forms, from wax filler sticks to wood stopping. The great thing about these products is that, once applied and dried or set, they can be treated as if they were part of the wood itself. They can be sanded down, drilled, screwed, stained and more, essentially functioning just like real wood.

We pride ourselves on keeping a huge range of woodcare products in stock. Wax filler sticks are generally used to repair finished furniture and to fill in cracks and holes. No heat source is needed to melt or apply the wax, and it comes in a wide range of colours and finishes for practically any item of furniture. Wood stopping is made from wood pulp for enhanced compatibility and effectiveness with wood products. A cellulose based filler, Liberon wood stopper is available in a range of colours and is especially useful for patching holes or cracks.

We also keep a stock of Metolux one and two part wood fillers, available for filling large and small repairs and for staining post-application. Both products are easy to apply and we sell an additional Speedset Hardener to assist drying. We also have Osmo and Liberon wood fillers in stock, in a range of colours for internal and external applications.

From furniture to fencing, wood needs to be taken care of and repaired whenever required to ensure that the item can remain standing for as long as possible. Our range of woodcare products will ensure that any cracks can be patched and that any holes can be filled. Whether you are looking for wood fillers to perform a comprehensive repair for an item or simply require a filler stick for a smaller fix, we sell it at a competitive price and will send you your requested items as quickly as possible.