Osmo wood wax finishes provide stunning results

Posted by   Adam Downey
27 Feb 2017

We supply a huge range of products dedicated to decorating and finishing woodwork. Amongst our range of interior wood finishes and hard wax oil products, we stock a range of Osmo wood wax finishes that are used to place an attractive transparent finish onto the wood. Once you have prepared, laid and decorated your wood, these finishes will help to give it that extra aesthetic boost. Our range of Osmo wood wax finishes will provide you with excellent results, and represent some of the best products currently available for finishing wood.

Osmo products are regarded as some of the best finishes that money can buy. The Wood Wax Finish Creative, in particular, is highly regarded as offering a superior finish. This product can be used to add a transparent or opaque finish to any item of interior woodwork, and can also be used as coloured primer for wooden floors. Available in a range of colours, it can add a definitive decorative touch. The intensity of the colour can be modified through repeat applications, providing you with an intense burst of colour for your room. The surface itself, however, is durable, being highly water repellent and resistant to dirt and other stains, including wine, milk and fruit juice.

The transparent wood wax is used to provide a transparent finish to internal wood work. Oil/wax based and microporous, it keeps the wood elastic and healthy while improving its aesthetics. Much like the Wood Wax Finish Creative, it is resistant to dirt and staining. It ensures that the wood can breathe and prevents swelling, shrinking and other types of distortion. This finish is available in a huge array of colours, including dove blue, mahogany, turkish green, cherry, savanna and much more.

By finishing interior woodwork, you can keep it protected against damage and staining. On top of this, it will also improve its appearance enormously, adding an attractive satin finish that practically glows in the light and highlights the colour and grain of the wood. We offer our hard wax oil and other products at affordable prices and always offer speedy delivery.


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